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To get the latest maps on your automotive GPS navigation device.

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NUVIMAPUPDATE.COM provides you the process for updating the GPS.

Our surroundings keep changing over time and all the new locations are added from time to time to the last released map definition.Though the process to update is designed to be simple but still people sometimes have hard time getting it done.

We provide information for most of the GPS device users to know how to keep their GPS Up to date.

Different GPS Updates

GPS Update Process

To know how to update your GPS first find which category your device belongs to then follow the process to update the GPS. Most of the devices need to get connected to the internet to be updated for that you may need the USB cable / SD depending on the type of your GPS.

Automotive GPS

Connect the GPS to the computer using the USB cable and download the updates using the GPS update software

Truck GPS

To update your trucking GPS device connect it via USB which came with the device and from the GPS update software click on update and transfer the updates into the GPS.

In Dash Systems

Connect the SD card of the car system with the computer and download or buy the latest map updates for your vehicle.Connect it to the Navigation System and select update option from the menu.

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